Listen to the Bible

Welcome to our Through the Bible Series. In this series, we are reading through the Bible with commentary. We are using both the Scriptures and King James versions, but saying ‘Yehovah’ instead of LORD, where it has been changed in the text.

Currently reading through:

Leviticus Chapter 1- A Shadow of Things to Come


Leviticus Chapter 2-The Seed of God


Leviticus Chapter 3-The Blood and the Fat

*While the word ‘fat’ itself is not found in the New Testament, it should be noted that it is found in these related words; “fatted” 3x, fatling 1x, fatness 1x


Leviticus Chapter 4- Sinning Through Ignorance


Leviticus Chapter 5-Swearing an Oath


Leviticus Chapter 6- Finders, Keepers; Losers, Weepers?


Leviticus Chapter 7- Old Paths and Caring for our Animals


Leviticus Chapter 8- Anointing of the Priests


Leviticus Chapter 9- Preparing to Meet Our Maker


Leviticus Chapter 10- Strange Fire



Earlier Books

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Book of Genesis

Book of Exodus