News from this Week 3/9/22

US President Snubbed By Mideast Leaders Over Oil Prices

In a sign of what his critics view as weak leadership, U.S. President Joe Biden could not get key Middle East leaders on the phone to talk about rising oil prices, several sources confirm.

Russia’s Military Controls Europe’s Largest Nuclear Plant Raising Concerns
Russia said Wednesday it is in complete control of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant, but concerns remained about the future operations of Europe’s largest nuclear facility.

Ukraine President Fights On Despite Compromise On NATO

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave mixed messages Tuesday, telling British legislators his nation would fight against Russia after admitting he no longer seeks membership of the NATO military alliance.

Latest World News Headlines

Vatican Talks With Kremlin On Ending War – March 9, 2022

DNI: China engaged in largest nuclear buildup in history, preparing ground to take Taiwan – March 8, 2022

‘Not tenable’: Pentagon rejects Poland’s offer to provide fighter jets for Ukraine – March 8, 2022

U.S. concerned Russia will obtain biological weapons in Ukraine, Nuland tells Senators – March 8, 2022

Russia ‘Getting Desperate’ After Suffering Heavy Casualties – March 8, 2022

Top Iran nuclear negotiator flies home; EU indicates deal awaiting Tehran’s okay – March 8, 2022

EU agrees to consider membership bids of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova – March 8, 2022

Russia Shelling Cities Despite Ceasefire Talks – March 7, 2022

Russia Pledges To Briefly Halt Fire – March 7, 2022

Breaking Israel News

Chevron CEO says Israel gas pipeline could supply Europe amid crisis

Europe’s natural gas shortage, which has pushed prices to multi-year highs, has revived talk of the EastMed pipeline – a Mediterranean Sea pipeline that could carry gas from Israel to European customers, Chevron Chief Executive Michael Wirth said on Monday at the CERAWeek energy conference.

In Israel, Mike Pence says future GOP administration will rip up any new Iran deal

Visiting Israel, former US vice president Mike Pence — touted as a potential future presidential contender — said Tuesday that a Republican-led America will once again pull out of any future Iran nuclear deal.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Russian war on Ukraine places Israel in delicate position – March 8, 2022

US designates Syrian al Qaeda-linked group as ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’ – March 8, 2022

Israel carried out air strike in Damascus, air defense systems activated – March 6, 2022

Fleeing war, Ukrainian immigrants get ready for their departure to Israel – March 6, 2022

Israel’s PM For Sabbath Peace Talks In Russia As War Rages In Ukraine – March 6, 2022

Breaking U.S. News

Pro-Trump legal group challenges Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Air Force

A pro-Trump legal group is suing the Biden administration on behalf of three dozen members of the Air Force, arguing that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for service members are discriminatory — especially at a time of national security concerns.

At least two detained Americans released from Venezuela as Biden seeks oil deal

At least two Americans imprisoned in Venezuela have reportedly been released in what appears to be a sign that the Biden administration is making headway in negotiating an oil deal to ward off rising gas prices as the United States moves to ban imports of Russian oil.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

25 Republican governors call on Biden to prioritize U.S. oil and gas production – March 8, 2022

US Trade Deficit Hit A Record High In January – March 8, 2022

White House is pressed on potential oil deals with Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran – March 8, 2022

Supreme Court rejects GOP efforts to halt congressional maps in two states – March 8, 2022

Federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines – March 6, 2022

Cross-country trucker convoy over COVID mandates just outside DC, next move unclear – March 6, 2022

Durham says Clinton lawyer engaged in a ‘political deceit’ when giving Trump dirt to FBI – March 6, 2022

U.S. crude oil tops $130 a barrel, a 13-year high on possible Western ban of Russian oil – March 6, 2022

SCOTUS considers doctors’ appeal against conviction for unlawful prescription opioids – March 3, 2022

Biden asks Congress for $10B in emergency aid for Ukraine – March 3, 2022

Breaking Christian News

Christian ministry mobilized to supply 1 million meals to Ukrainians

Responding to Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, US-based Christian ministry CityServe has mobilized to supply one million hot meals to Ukrainians who are still in their country and to refugees who have fled to neighboring nations including Poland and Romania.

China: Evangelist arrested for preaching Gospel to ethnic minority group

A street evangelist in China has been arrested for sharing the Gospel with the De’ang people, a predominantly Buddhist and animist ethnic minority group living in Yunnan province, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Hundreds of Russian evangelicals call for end to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, “God can stop war”

In what has been described as an extraordinarily courageous step, hundreds of evangelical Christians in Russia have signed an open petition calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop his invasion of Ukraine, Christianity Today (CT) reports.

Latest Christian News Headlines

India: Pastor attacked as Hindu persecution of Christians continues – March 8, 2022

Poland: Baptist church hosts hundreds of Ukraine refugees, “we have to help” – March 8, 2022

Indonesia: Christian faces 10 years’ imprisonment for video criticizing Islam – March 8, 2022

Nigeria: Three more Christians murdered in Chibok – March 8, 2022

Black Christian Refugees From Ukraine Abused, Discriminated – March 7, 2022

China: Evangelist detained for trying share Gospel with Xi Jinping – March 7, 2022

Sudan: Church leaders arrested following Muslim complaints – March 7, 2022

Egypt: Coptic Christians charged with terrorism – March 7, 2022

Ukraine Christians, Jews Pray Psalm 31 As Battles Rage – March 6, 2022

US: Most Protestant churches are open but attendance has stalled – March 3, 2022

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