News from this Week 3/23/22

Breaking World News

The following info is taken in whole or part from Worthy News Ministries.

Iran welcomes Syria ties with Arabs, says nuclear deal close

The foreign ministers of Iran and Syria, two allies of Russia, discussed the war in Ukraine and other developments during a meeting in Damascus on Wednesday. Syria‘s top diplomat said Moscow is defending its people.

NATO Fears Nuclear Strike In Ukraine

U.S. President Joe Biden is visiting Europe for talks with fellow leaders of the NATO military alliance about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as Moscow may use nuclear weapons of mass destruction there.

UAE ‘shocked’ as US considers removing IRGC from terrorist list

The United Arab Emirates is very unhappy with the US move toward removing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from its Foreign Terrorist Organizations list, a source in Abu Dhabi said on Monday.

Latest World News Headlines

Trudeau reaches deal to keep his party in power till 2025 – March 22, 2022

Ukraine war imperils wheat, but farmers in no rush to pivot – March 22, 2022

Australia: Government to introduce laws to combat misinformation, disinformation – March 22, 2022

Nvidia unveils new technology to speed up AI, launches new supercomputer – March 22, 2022

Kremlin Critic Navalny Sentenced To Nine Years Jail – March 22, 2022

Biden: ‘Russia Uses Hypersonic Missiles And May Deploy Chemical Weapons’ – March 21, 2022

100,000 US Forces Europe As War In Ukraine Escalates – March 21, 2022

Khamenei signals support for ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna – March 21, 2022

Any deal with Russia will require Ukrainian referendum, Zelensky says – March 21, 2022

Breaking Israel News

Israel announces 10 new towns in the Negev

After the Israeli government approved last week the establishment of the new ultra-Orthodox city of Kasif in the Negev and the community of Nitzana, it is expected to approve 10 more towns in the Negev this coming week, Minister of Interior Ayelet Shaked and Minister of Housing and Construction Ze’ev Elkin announced Wednesday.

Sky Dew: Missile-Detecting Balloon Given to Israel’s Air Force

Israel’s air force received a massive air balloon which monitors missiles and other aerial threats in a ceremony on Tuesday.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Israel, Egypt, UAE Hold Unprecedented Meeting As Iran Nuclear Talks Near Finalization – March 24, 2022

U.S. Fighter Jets Down Two Iranian Drones Over Iraq Heading to Israel – March 22, 2022

Singapore to open embassy in Israel for the first time – March 22, 2022

Israel Warns US Against Removing Iran’s IRGC from Terror Blacklist – March 21, 2022

Orthodox Jews Mourn Revered Rabbi – March 21, 2022

Breaking U.S. News

Supreme Court upends Wisconsin’s redistricting map after GOP challenge

The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck a blow to Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ redistricting map, sending the case over Wisconsin’s new district lines back to the state’s highest court for review.

Idaho Governor Signs Abortion Ban Modeled on Texas Law

Idaho on Wednesday became the first state to enact a law modeled after a Texas statute that bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy and that can be enforced through lawsuits to avoid constitutional court challenges.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

California: Democrat senators introduce bill to fund abortions for out-of-state women – March 23, 2022

Investigations of 2020 ballot mischief gain momentum in Georgia, Wisconsin – March 22, 2022

FBI chief Wray warns hackers could ‘shut down’ U.S. society – March 22, 2022

US: Fed prepared to raise interest rates ‘aggressively’ – March 21, 2022

Senate Republicans To Introduce Bill Banning Government From Contracting With Leakers – March 21, 2022

Former FDA Commissioner: ‘This Is Likely to Become an Annualized Vaccine for the Majority of Americans’ – March 21, 2022

Trump super PAC hoards cash, with more on hand than RNC and DNC combined – March 21, 2022

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Hospitalized – March 20, 2022

Judge strikes down four Arkansan voting laws – March 20, 2022

Moderna Seeks FDA Authorization for Second COVID Booster for All Adults – March 17, 2022

Breaking Christian News

34 Christians Killed In Nigeria’s Kaduna State

Funeral services have been held in northwest Nigeria’s Kaduna State after gunmen killed 34 Christians, local residents told Worthy News late Wednesday.

Canada Not Releasing Jailed Pastor Who Opposes COVID Restrictions

A Canadian Protestant pastor who became a symbol of the fight for religious freedom during the coronavirus pandemic remains in prison more than a month after being detained.

Pakistan: Officials torture Christian man into false confession of blasphemy

Cybercrime officials in Pakistan last week arrested a Christian man on a false allegation of blaspheming Islam’s prophet Muhummad, and then tortured him until he confessed to the crime he did not commit, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.

Latest Christian News Headlines

US: Return to in-person church has stalled – March 23, 2022

Taiwan: Christian leaders consider equipping church for possible invasion by China – March 23, 2022

India: Senior Pastor murdered in his home by Hindu radicals – March 22, 2022

Nigeria: Islamic terrorists abduct 46 Christians plus children in Kaduna state; “please be in prayer” – March 22, 2022

Nigeria: 25 more Christians murdered in Kaduna state – March 22, 2022

Indonesia: Pastor risks further incarceration for criticizing Islam – March 22, 2022

Christian Publisher Retrieving Bibles From War-Torn Kyiv – March 19, 2022

US-Backed Missionary Abducted In Ukraine – March 17, 2022

US Missionary Rescues Children, Mothers In Ukraine – March 17, 2022

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