News from this Week 4/20/22

Breaking World News

Russia Pounding East Ukraine, Terrifying Villagers

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says a long-awaited Russian offensive in the east has begun. As Russian forces are attacking Ukrainian positions, church charities stepped up efforts to welcome those fleeing the conflict.

ISIS urges supporters to attack the West amid Ukraine crisis

The Islamic State is encouraging supporters to take advantage of the war in Ukraine to launch a new “global offensive” against the West in revenge for the death of ISIS’s leader earlier this year.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury pushes for conversion therapy ban, says being transgender is “sacred journey”

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Rowan Williams has signed a letter asking the UK government to include trans people in a ban on conversion therapy, attesting that being transgender is a “sacred journey of becoming whole,” CBN reports. The ban that is currently set to become UK law covers only people with same-sex attraction, not transgender persons.

Latest World News Headlines

Canadian think tank: law must change after houses of worship treated ‘unequally’ during pandemic

Philippines Struggles After Deadly Storm – April 19, 2022

Russian Missiles Hit West Ukraine, Several Killed – April 19, 2022

South Africa Floods Kill 440 Raising Questions – April 19, 2022

Biden to host ASEAN summit for Southeast Asian leaders – April 19, 2022

Ukrainian Jews Face Passover In War – April 18, 2022

Hundreds of Syrian fighters sign up to fight alongside Russia in Ukraine – April 18, 2022

US: Iran will have to offer ‘reciprocity’ if it wants to negotiate status of IRGC – April 18, 2022

Putin discusses Russia-Ukraine talks, Middle East with Palestinian leader Abbas – April 18, 2022

Tehran Warns Israel on Making ‘Tiniest Move’ Against Iran – April 18, 2022

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Breaking Israel News

Hezbollah leader seeks $9 billion to destroy Israel

The head of Lebanon’s Shiite Islamist political party Hezbollah is declaring that it would take $9 billion to wipe the state of Israel from the face of the map.

PA’s Abbas ‘outraged’ as Hamas takes center stage in mediation efforts

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is enraged because Egypt, Qatar and other parties chose to hold direct contacts on ways of preventing further escalation with Israel in the aftermath of the recent tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, a senior official with the ruling Fatah faction said.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Israel: Scientists are planting date trees from 2,000-year old seed – April 19, 2022

Israel Shooting Down Palestinian Rocket As Tensions Mount – April 18, 2022

Israel Downs Gaza Rocket, Admonishes Jordan as Jerusalem Tensions Simmer – April 18, 2022

UN Security Council to hold emergency consultation on Jerusalem unrest – April 18, 2022

Report: Putin sends letter to Bennett demanding handover of Old City property – April 18, 2022

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Breaking U.S. News

ICE to release 600,000 illegal immigrants by September

ICE is getting ready to release as many as 600,000 illegal immigrants into communities before the end of September, the agency told a federal judge, giving an early estimate of the chaos the administration is predicting after it ends the Title 42 pandemic border shutdown.

Attorneys general coalition suing Biden administration over end of Title 42 grows to 21 states

Ten days after three attorneys general sued the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over its plan to terminate the immigration-related public health authority known as Title 42, their lawsuit now includes 21 states as plaintiffs.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

16 AGs urge Biden to reinstate Keystone XL pipeline – April 19, 2022

Republican governors form 26-state border task force amid worsening crisis – April 19, 2022

Judge Rules Federal Transport Mask Mandate Unlawful – April 18, 2022

Border encounters hit Biden record of 221,000 in March – while 80,000 released into U.S. – April 18, 2022

Walt Disney To Air Transgender Ad – April 16, 2022

Florida GOP Gov. DeSantis signs into law state’s 15-week abortion ban – April 14, 2022

GOP lawmakers demand FDA publish COVID vaccine safety and efficacy data going forward – April 14, 2022

New York Police Detain Subway Shooter – April 14, 2022

Police Arrest Person of Interest in NYC Subway Shooting, City Faces ‘Continued Increase of Violent Crimes’ – April 13, 2022

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear ballot drop box, absentee ballot arguments – April 13, 2022

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Breaking Christian News

Nigeria: Radicalized Fulani murder 80 Christians; government does nothing about “slow extermination” of Christians

Fulani terrorists murdered at least 80 people in raids on predominantly Christian villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state on April 10, the Barnabas Fund reports. The attacks are a continuation of a 20-year-long campaign of slaughter against Nigerian Christians by Islamic terrorists, especially radicalized Fulani militants.

Iran Christian Convert Starts Prison Term

Iranian Christian convert Fariba Dalir has begun serving a two-year prison sentence for “acting against national security by establishing and leading an Evangelical Christian church,” an advocacy group confirmed.

Nigeria: Christians slain in new Fulani attack, “Where is any action?”

The relentless slaughter of Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt by Fulani militants continues unchecked and, on April 11, the bodies of 17 Christians were found in the bush following a brutal attack on the community of Tior-Tyu in Benue state, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Latest Christian News Headlines

India:36 Christians arrested after Hindu radicals lock 100 congregants in church – April 18, 2022

Egypt: Coptic Archbishop stabbed to death, declared a martyr – April 18, 2022

Ukraine Christians Celebrate Easter Despite Russian Shelling – April 18, 2022

Detained Iran Pastor Briefly Home For Easter – April 18, 2022

Algeria Christians Facing New Church Closures – April 16, 2022

Indonesia Jails Christian YouTuber For 10 Years – April 16, 2022

Sri Lanka Christians Pray After Buddhist Attack – April 16, 2022

Vietnam Church Face Tense Easter After Raid – April 14, 2022

Palestinian court releases evangelical pastor – April 14, 2022

Iran: Imprisoned pastor is granted 5-day home leave – April 14, 2022

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