Deworming Naturally Reared Dogs and Puppies

Our family raises old farm collies, English Shepherds. Like all the collie breeds, many within the breeds can carry the MDR1 mutation, which can cause many worming drugs (the Ivermectin/Heartguard family of drugs) to cross the blood/brain barrier and cause neurological issues in the dog. (For more on the MDR1 mutation, see the end of the article)

We try our best to “regard the life of our beasts” like it says in Proverbs 12:10.

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

We try to attend to their vitamin and mineral levels, and not poison them with chemicals and drugs, ‘naturally rearing’ our animals, dogs (and puppies) included.

When we lived in the more northern climate, the only worms we had to contend with were tapeworms.

After moving Southwest, we had both hookworm and giardia show up in stool samples for our summer litters. So we knew for our next litters, we would have to do something different.

After research, we tried the following protocol. It means weighing puppies and dosing accordingly, but, when our spring puppies’ stools were tested, they were worm free!

This is a ‘week-on’, ‘week off’ protocol; check for dead worms in the puppies stools in the ‘week off’.

Once per day:

Week 3- Black Walnut Tincture, in a dropper (be sure to ‘drop’ it in, not squirt, so that it does not enter the lungs forcefully)- ½ teaspoon per 3 wk old pup (for older dogs, 20 drops per 5lb)

Week 5- Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) & Diatomaceous Earth (DE)1/2 tsp. each per 5lbs. Mixed with hydrated/wettened kibble. (The same dosage applies to older dogs)

Week 7- Ground Pumpkin Seeds mixed with hydrated/wettened kibble1 tsp per 10 lbs (The same dosage applies to older dogs)

Breeding Farm collies, we have heard and met people who lost their dogs to the Ivermectin deworming group of drugs, due to the MDR1 mutation.

You can purchase a cheek swab and test your dog for the mutation yourself.

Below are links to MDR1 test suppliers: (They can also test for other genetic diseases)

GenSol Diagnostics MDR1 Panel

Embark Panel

Washington State University MDR1 Panel

5 thoughts on “Deworming Naturally Reared Dogs and Puppies

  1. Hello,
    I am curious as to what you take is biblically on breeding unclean animals.
    I have a friend who says we shouldn’t-that God doesn’t want us multiplying horses (horse procreation), so that applies to other unclean stock.
    I see here you breed dogs, as do I,. And Job had many donkeys.
    Would appreciate your take.


  2. Hello Andy.
    Thank you for your reply. Wow, lots to think on. I was really just wanting some confirmation on what I thought I knew. Also, my friend was not being nasty. 🙂
    On a side note, I breed BC’s, cousins to your sheps. And we just have a small kennel, 6-10 and some of those are retiree’s like me, while others are pups I couldn’t let go of, and still others ones I am starting to later sell.
    Thanks again


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