How to Grow a Pawpaw Tree

First you want to soak your seeds in warm water for 24 hours.

When planting your seeds, they need to be wet. You can plant them in the ground or in large pots.

Regardless, if you are planting directly in the ground or when you transplant your pots, you will want your trees to be 15-20 feet apart. They also get 15-20 feet tall, so be sure not to plant them underneath power lines.

Protect your seedlings and small trees from animals. You can put small fencing around them.

It may take up to two months for the seedling to emerge from the ground or pot.

In the first two years, the tree will be working on getting strong roots, so it will not grow very tall.

The Pawpaw is in the family of bananas, but can grow in climates that get cold. It is hardy in zones 5-8.

The leaf, twigs, and bark have high anti-pesticidal properties, so most insects and pests do not bother them too much.

When your trees are mature, (5-7 years) they will bloom from March to May. They will be ready for harvest in August through the first frost, and usually turn from green to yellow to brown. They are ready to harvest when they are soft to the touch.

Enjoy your long awaited harvest!

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