Treating Green Walnut Hull Blisters or Burns Naturally

Juice from Black Walnut hulls can stain your hands. It looks funny, but will wear off in a few weeks. However, there is another reason to wear gloves when handling black walnut hulls…..due to it’s content of juglone, which can cause burns or blisters.

Always be careful when handling green walnut hulls! Wear gloves to protect your skin! If you get the juice from them on your hands, they can cause blisters or burns!

If your hands are already burned, below is what worked when we were burned.

Make this into a paste. After you let it cool, test in on a place where you are not burnt to make sure it’s not too hot before you put in on your burns. If you just put it on your burns without making sure it isn’t too hot or you could burn yourself again, on top of the burns you already have from the walnuts. This is because your hands can be numb and you may not be able to feel how hot it really is.

When you are sure the paste is not too hot, lather it out on your hands. Then cover your hands with rubber gloves. Repeat this three times per day, for two days, or until your hands have stopped burning.

When your hands are no longer burning, lather them with B & W Ointment. If you do not have it on hand, it is a good idea to order or locate some. Many times it can be found at Amish Stores, or you can order it online by clicking here. Continue to lather them around 5-7 times per day for a week or so, or until they are fully healed. During this time, you want to have them unwrapped so they can air out. Keep them clean.

The burns can take a while to heal, and they are painful. Cold water may feel good, but it does not pull out the oils, so it will not stop the burn.

Remember to pray…..God has all power to heal! And that would be the best thing!

 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Master shall raise him up.

James 5:15

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