Breaking News from This Week 2/9/23

The following news is taken in whole or part from Worthy News Ministries.

Death Toll Turkey, Syria Earthquakes Passes 20,000

The combined death toll of earthquakes shaking Turkey and Syria climbed to over 20,000 on Thursday, making them the deadliest in years, official estimates showed.

US: ‘Shot Down Chinese Balloon Clearly Spying’

The United States says images from U2 spy planes show that a massive Chinese balloon flying across the U.S. last week, including over sensitive nuclear sites, was unmistakably equipped for collecting intelligence and not weather data.

Bank of England considering introduction of digital currency

The Bank of England has launched a consultation on the creation of a digital British currency, the London Standard reports. If introduced, the new British pound would have intrinsic stable value and would be issued by the Bank of England, not the private sector.

Latest World News Headlines

‘Russia Blamed for Missile That Downed MH17 Plane Killing Hundreds’ – February 9, 2023

Genocide Watch includes Haiti in list of top 10 world conflicts to watch, “situation worse by the day” – February 9, 2023

Chinese spy balloon part of larger surveillance program: U.S. intel – February 8, 2023

More than 11,000 confirmed fatalities in Turkey and Syria in deadliest earthquake in over a decade – February 8, 2023

Islamic Militants Escape From Syria Prison After Earthquake – February 7, 2023

Peru Landslides Kill Over Dozen After Political Turmoil – February 7, 2023

Newborn Freed In Rubble As Earthquakes Syria, Turkey Kill Thousands – February 7, 2023

Breaking Israel News

Israel Rushes Aid To Quakes-Hit Turkey, Syria

As Turkey’s president defended his government’s perceived slow response to massive earthquakes, Israel was rushing to provide aid to Turkey and neighboring Syria.

3rd earthquake in Israel in under 24 hours

An earthquake was felt in northern Israel at about 9 PM Wednesday night, the third earthquake to strike Israel in the last 24 hours.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Chief Turkish Jewish Community Feared Dead; Ancient Torah Scrolls Saved – February 8, 2023

Senior geologist says Israel needs to prepare for major quake ‘in our lifetime’ – February 8, 2023

CIA director: Current Israeli-Palestinian tensions resemble Second Intifada – February 7, 2023

IDF kills terrorists in overnight raid near Jericho – February 6, 2023

Breaking U.S. News

House votes to end COVID vaccine requirement for foreign air travelers

The House of Representatives voted to end the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for foreign residents arriving at US airports — one of the last standing pandemic restrictions.

Maryland to consider allowing children to be vaccinated without parental consent

A Maryland state senator has introduced a controversial bill that would give children the same capacity to consent to be vaccinated as an adult – i.e., without parental consent. Democratic State Sen. Cheryl Kagan introduced Bill 378 on Wednesday; the proposed legislation will go before a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee on February 22.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

As Capitol Hill Hearings Begin, ‘Legend’ Agent Says FBI Needs ‘Serious Shakeup’ – February 9, 2023

Biden Under Fire Over Abortion Remarks – February 8, 2023

‘Doubling Down On Crazy’: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Slams Biden In GOP Rebuttal To State Of The Union Address – February 8, 2023

Biden, Facing Divided Congress, Pleads Republicans To Work With Him In State Of The Union – February 7, 2023

U.S. trade deficit surges to record high of nearly $950 billion – February 7, 2023

Marines continue fight with DOD over vaccine mandate even though it was ended – February 6, 2023

National security adviser says U.S. wants to ‘exploit what we recover’ from Chinese spy balloon – February 6, 2023

Breaking Christian News

Church of England considers referencing God in gender-neutral terms

The Church of England has confirmed it is examining the possibility of changing its liturgy to reference God in gender-neutral terms instead of as “Father,” “Him,” and “He,” the New York Post (NYP) reports. However, the denomination has said there are no plans to make changes to the current liturgy at present, and any future change would require “extensive legislation.”

India: 10 Christian families denied essential rations for their faith, “we did not worry, we are ready to pay any cost”

Ten Christian families in India’s Madhya Pradesh state have been barred on account of their faith from receiving essential provisions the government gives to the needy, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Ethiopia: Three Christians killed in sniper attack on their church

Three Christians were reportedly killed, and four were injured in Oromia, southern Ethiopia during a sniper attack on their church by suspected regional government special forces on Saturday, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

Latest Christian News Headlines

Pakistan: Muslim extremist throws acid in the face of young Christian woman – February 8, 2023

Chinese Church Elder Facing 10 Years Jail Without Bible – February 7, 2023

China Frees Jailed Preacher To Care For Father – February 7, 2023

Nepal Releases Jailed Pastor On Bail – February 7, 2023

Church anti-abortion organization to pay Planned Parenthood $960,000 in settlement of suit – February 7, 2023

Myanmar: Christian persecution has increased “exponentially” since military coup – February 7, 2023

A third of UK adults more interested in Jesus after talking with a Christian, survey shows – February 7, 2023

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