News from this Week 4/5/23

Breaking World News

The following news is taken in whole or part from Worthy News Ministries.

One Killed, Dozens Injured In Dutch Train Crash

A double-decker train carrying about 50 passengers derailed in the southern Netherlands early Tuesday, killing one person and injuring 30 others, in what officials called “a black day for the Dutch railway.”

Finland Joins NATO, Doubling Alliance Border With Russia

Finland became the 31st member of the Western NATO military alliance Tuesday in a historic move that Russia had tried to prevent.

NATO Condemns Detention US Journalist While Lawyers Appeal (Worthy News Radio)

Lawyers for a U.S. journalist arrested in Russia on espionage charges have appealed against the decision to hold him in pre-trial detention. The detention of Evan Gershkovich has raised Western concerns, including from the NATO military alliance.

Latest World News Headlines

Senior ISIS commander killed by American-led drone strike in Syria – April 4, 2023

Officials: US Providing Ukraine $2.6 Billion in Military Aid – April 4, 2023

Former President of Kosovo goes on trial at the International Court of Justice for war crimes – April 4, 2023

Saudi Arabia and Egypt move toward rehabilitating Syrian dictator Assad in “victory for Russia and Iran” – April 4, 2023

Saudi Arabia, Six Other OPEC+ Members Announce Surprise New Oil Production Cuts – April 4, 2023

US seeks to keep Yemen-bound ammunition seized from Iran – April 4, 2023

Japan Not Supporting Price Cap On Russian Oil – April 4, 2023

Breaking Israel News

Israel Has Stepped Up Attacks on Iranian, Hezbollah Targets in Syria

On April 2, 2023, Israel reportedly attacked several targets in Syria’s Homs province associated with the Syrian army and Iran-backed militias. Syrian state media reported that five military personnel were injured in the attack.

After airstrikes, Syria warns Israel not to drag region toward ‘total escalation’

Syria’s foreign ministry on Tuesday warned that Israel risked dragging the region toward “total escalation” after another overnight airstrike near Damascus attributed to the Jewish state.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Israel launches fresh strikes on Damascus area, Syrian state media reports – April 4, 2023

Jordan king says Muslims have ‘duty to deter Israeli escalation’ in Jerusalem – April 4, 2023

Mystery drone downed by IDF in Israeli airspace was sent by Iran – April 4, 2023

Tens of thousands protest against judicial overhaul: ‘Negotiations? We won’t move until the danger passes’ – April 2, 2023

Breaking U.S. News

Trump Pleads Not Guilty To Charges

The grim-faced former U.S. President Donald J. Trump pleaded “not guilty” Tuesday to 34 charges related to an investigation into a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

US Manufacturing Reaches New Low

U.S. manufacturing reached its lowest point since the start of the pandemic, according to a report released just as President Joe Biden embarked on a tour of U.S. factories to tout his promise to boost the industry.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

Trump In New York To Face Arrest Tuesday – April 4, 2023

Florida Senate oks 6-week abortion ban – April 4, 2023

China land-buying push targets U.S. agriculture, farm acreage – April 2, 2023

Deadly tornadoes produce catastrophic damage across Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic – April 2, 2023

Op-Ed: Biden Budget Proposal Could put U.S. National Debt at $43.6 Trillion by 2033 – March 30, 2023

Ex-President Trump “Indicted” For Hush Money Prompting Outrage – March 30, 2023

Fewer than 40% of Americans consider God to be important than money, poll finds – March 30, 2023

Breaking Christian News

Nigeria: Christians slaughtered in Benue state attacks

More than 60 Christians were murdered in Nigeria’s Benue state in the last month, as the years-long slaughter of Nigerian Christians by radicalized Fulani herdsmen and Islamic jihadists continues unabated and with impunity.

186 churches file suit against United Methodist Church for not allowing disaffiliation over LGBT issues

The United Methodist Church is being sued by 186 of its congregations in Georgia after it put a “pause” on allowing anymore churches to disaffiliate over an ongoing strenuous debate within the denomination on LGBT issues, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

Scotland: Church leaders say proposed conversion therapy ban could criminalize Christians who teach that homosexual behavior is sinful

A group of twenty Scottish church leaders have written to Scotland’s Minister for Equality expressing their alarm that a proposed government ban on “conversion practices” could result in the criminalization of Christians who teach anyone, including their own children, that the practice of homosexuality is sinful, Christian Today reports.

Latest Christian News Headlines

Thailand: Asylum-seeking Chinese congregation taken into police custody following expiry of visas – April 4, 2023

US must stand with India’s persecuted Christians, says former Ambassador- at-Large for International Religious Freedom – March 31, 2023

UK: Evangelical Alliance expects increased membership as congregations split from Church of England over LGBT stance – March 30, 2023

Uganda: Pastor murdered by Islamist relatives for refusing to denounce Christ, “We need prayers” – March 30, 2023

India: Christians face ongoing intense persecution, “Please pray for their protection, provision, and peace” – March 28, 2023

Iran: Historic Assemblies of God church building put up for sale by Islamic regime – March 28, 2023

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