Breaking News from the Week 4/26/23

Chinese and Ukrainian Leaders Talk Peace, But Bloodshed Continues (Worthy News Radio)

The president of war-torn Ukraine said Wednesday he had held a meaningful dialogue with China’s leader after Beijing unveiled a peace plan to end the armed conflict between Kyiv and Moscow. Yet despite the talks between President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, there were no signs of peace returning to the frontline of an armed conflict in which hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have been killed and injured.

Sudan: WHO warns of “extremely, extremely dangerous” situation as fighters occupy laboratory holding samples of deadly disease

The World Health Organization warned Tuesday of an “extremely, extremely dangerous” situation developing in Sudan where fighting forces have taken over a national public laboratory storing samples of dangerous, contagious diseases, including polio, cholera, and measles, CBS News reports.

Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia hold ‘constructive talks’ over rebuilding ties

The defense and intelligence envoys of Iran, Russia, Syria, and Turkey held talks in Moscow on Tuesday as part of efforts to rebuild ties between Ankara and Damascus after years of hostility during the Syrian war.

Latest World News Headlines

Indonesia struck by 7.3 earthquake west of Sumatra Island – April 25, 2023

Dutch New Broadcaster Threatened With Closure – April 25, 2023

Analysts warn of global rice shortage due to extreme weather and Ukraine war – April 25, 2023

Britain, EU, US Sanctioning Iran – April 24, 2023

ECB In ‘Final Stage’ To For Digital Euro – April 24, 2023

Hungary Cast Doubts On Ukraine Joining NATO – April 24, 2023

More Bloodshed In Final Battle For Bakhmut (Worthy News Radio) – April 24, 2023

Breaking Israel News

House Passes Resolution Calling to Expand Abraham Accords, Honor 75 Years of US-Israel Ties

The House of Representatives on Tuesday evening passed a resolution honoring the 75th anniversary of Israel’s founding and the establishment of US-Israel relations by a vote of 401 to 19.

US House passes pro-Israel measure 401-19, but growing number of Dems vote against

The US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to pass a resolution marking Israel’s 75th anniversary, heralding the importance of the US-Israel relationship and urging the expansion of the Abraham Accords.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Egyptian Education Reforms Eliminating Antisemitism from Curriculum, According to New Report – April 26, 2023

Israel’s population on cusp of 10 million as Independence Day nears – April 25, 2023

Israelis remember fallen soldiers, victims of terror on Memorial Day – April 24, 2023

Israel Strikes Hizbullah Site in Southwest Syria, Warns Syria Against Cooperation With Hizbullah, Iran – April 24, 2023

Breaking U.S. News

Final vote on House GOP debt limit bill could take place as early as Wednesday evening

The floor vote on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt limit legislation could come as early as Wednesday, but as of midday, it was still unclear whether the leader of the GOP-controlled House had the votes.

Supreme Court to hear case of 94-year-old Minnesota woman who lost her condo over $2,300 in unpaid taxes

Geraldine Tyler, now 94, lost her one-bedroom condo in Minneapolis over $2,300 in unpaid taxes, plus interest and penalties. Hennepin County sold the apartment for $40,000 and kept every penny.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

Federal court dismisses challenge to Texas’ anti–BDS law – April 26, 2023

President Biden Launches Re-election Campaign – April 25, 2023

SCOTUS to consider whether government officials can block critics on social media – April 25, 2023

Hosts Carlson and Lemon Fired In Broadcast ‘Bloodbath’ – April 24, 2023

Trump, Republican Hopefuls Woo Evangelicals in Iowa, Vow to Restrict Abortion – April 24, 2023

Mississippi Governor Signs 8 Pro-Life Measures Into Law – April 24, 2023

US Supreme Court allows continued availability of abortion pill pending legal appeals – April 24, 2023

Breaking Christian News

100 Christian Families Freed From Pakistan Brick Kilns

A Christian aid group said Wednesday that it managed to free some 100 Christian families in Pakistan from brick kilns where they were effectively held as enslaved people by Muslim owners.

Nigeria: Mass slaughter of Christians continues; 134 murdered by Fulani jihadists in Benue state

The mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria continues unabated and with impunity: radicalized Fulani Muslim herdsmen murdered 134 Christians in Benue state in the first week of April, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. 

Eritrea: Police round up and imprison 103 Christian college students

Eritrean police arrested and detained 103 Christian college students at a worship event in the capital city of Asmara last month, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. 

Latest Christian News Headlines

Global Anglican Conference rejects church leaders who accept homosexuality, calls for “resetting” of Anglican Communion – April 25, 2023

Pakistan Detains Christian Widow For ‘Burning’ Koranic Pages – April 25, 2023

Less than half of born-again Christians now believe Jesus lived a sinless life, study shows – April 24, 2023

Sudan: Church leaders ask for prayer amid escalating violence and fears of return to Islamic extremist law – April 24, 2023

Detransitioner Oli London Credits Jesus, Church With Stopping Trans Surgeries: ‘I Was…Very Lost’ – April 24, 2023

Thousands Mourn TV Preacher Charles Stanley – April 24, 2023

Eritrea Forbids Burial Of Evangelical Church Leader In Anti-Christian Campaign (Worthy News In-Depth) – April 23, 2023

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