News from this Week- 1/12/22

Breaking World News

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine announcement sparks hope, raises questions

EU regulators caution that too many booster shots could weaken immune systems
Regulators from the European Union warned recently that receiving frequent COVID-19 booster shots could have an adverse affect on an individual’s immune system.

El Salvador Journalists Targeted With Spyware
Dozens of journalists from a leading news site in El Salvador were reportedly targeted with telephone spyware in the most extensive attack yet discovered using the Pegasus software that has been used by governments worldwide.

US intelligence says Russia planning Ukraine offensive involving 175K  troops: reports | TheHill

Russia, NATO In Tense Talks About Ukraine
Talks between the U.S.-led NATO military alliance and Russia ended Wednesday without a breakthrough on preventing a feared Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Boris Johnson Battered in Parliament as Scandal Puts Him on Defense - The  New York Times

Britain’s Johnson Pressured To Resign Over Lockdown Party
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces pressure to resign after he admitted to attending a drinks party during a coronavirus lockdown while many could not visit frail loved ones.

Latest World News Headlines

Children Die In Spanish Bounce Castle Tragedy – January 12, 2022

White House to send more than $300 million in aid to Afghanistan despite Taliban control – January 12, 2022

EU regulators caution that too many booster shots could weaken immune systems – January 12, 2022

Iran nuclear talks proceeding too slowly, France says – January 12, 2022

Latest North Korean missile test more advanced than last week’s, Seoul says – January 11, 2022

Hurricane Ida, Europe floods made 2021 a costly year of disasters – January 11, 2022

Afghanistan: UN seeks record $5bn in aid to prevent ‘suffering’ – January 11, 2022

No Breakthrough In Russia-US Talks On Ukraine – January 11, 2022

Researchers hail new ‘supermolecule’ which has ‘the potential to revolutionize science’ – January 11, 2022

Breaking Israel News

High COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in Israeli HCP

COVID vaccine for Israeli babies, toddlers expected by April, says health official
Israel is expected to roll out vaccines for babies and toddlers by April, a senior health official said.

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IDF cancels reserve drills for January as troops infected with Omicron passes 6,000
With the number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus Omicron variant continuing to soar across the country, the Israeli military has canceled all reserve drills for the month of January. There will be specific drills that can be approved by commanders according to operational needs.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Mahmoud Abbas, Egypt’s Sisi meet, talk Israeli-Palestinian peace process – January 11, 2022

Jerusalem: 2,600 year-old clay seals indicate presence of First Temple treasuries – January 10, 2022

Eyeing Iran, Bennett says military undergoing largest rearmament in years – January 10, 2022

US lawmakers launch bipartisan caucus to promote Abraham Accords – January 10, 2022

Majority of Israelis agree to harshly restrict lives of unvaccinated – January 9, 2022

Breaking U.S. News

Inflation rises to 7% in December, highest in four decades
Consumer prices increased 7% in the 12 months ending in November, the fastest clip since 1982, solidifying inflation as the greatest threat to President Joe Biden’s agenda.

White House to send more than $300 million in aid to Afghanistan despite Taliban control
The White House announced plans Tuesday to send more than $308 million in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan as millions face starvation under the new Taliban government following President Joe Biden’s withdrawal.

4-Year-Old Cancer Patient Denied Wish Over COVID Jab Status
The U.S.-based Make-A-Wish Foundation has refused to grant 4-year-old cancer patient Rocco DiMaggio a wish to go to Disney World in Florida because he isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

$1,051,873,000,000: Record Federal Tax Collections Top $1 Trillion in 3 Months – January 12, 2022

110 Republican Lawmakers Call on Biden To Abandon Iran Nuclear Talks – January 12, 2022

US Unveils Domestic Terror Unit – January 11, 2022

Fauci shut down lab leak theory despite scientists lending it credence, emails show – January 11, 2022

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell says inflation poses ‘severe’ threat to job market – January 11, 2022

RNC sues New York City over law to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections – January 11, 2022

Dr. Fauci, Senator Paul clash (again) over Biden administration’s COVID-19 response – January 11, 2022

Congress to vote on ‘Global Respect Act’ which denies US visas for ‘foreign LGBT rights violators’ – January 11, 2022

Washington DC March for Life to take place amid vaccination mandate – January 10, 2022

CDC director says 75% of COVID-19 deaths ‘had four or more comorbidities’ – January 10, 2022

Breaking Christian News

Nepal: Christian couple reunited with baby son after being thrown out of Hindu relatives’ home
A young Christian couple in Nepal have been reunited with their infant son after radical Hindu family members took him and ordered them to leave their home, Morning Star News reports. Nepal ranks 34 on the US Open Doors Watch List 2022 of top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted.

Pakistan: Judge changes Christian man’s life sentence to death penalty for alleged blasphemous text messages
A Christian in Pakistan who was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages had his prison term changed to the death penalty last week, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Rawalpindi Additional Sessions Judge Sahibzada Naqeeb sentenced Christian Zafar Bhatti to death after his new lawyer contested his conviction instead of applying for post-conviction bail.

Mexican Christians released from jail after representations from human rights group
Three Christians in Mexico were released Thursday after being jailed three days for refusing to help fund a patron saint festival that involves a mix of indigenous and Catholic religious traditions, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. The believers were freed following representations by the Defense of Human Rights of the Peoples of Oaxaca (DDHPO) organization.

Latest Christian News Headlines

400 million Christians live in countries where churches are persecuted – January 10, 2022

Islamic Militants Kill Six Christians In Kenya – January 10, 2022

Kidnapped Christian Teenager Returns To Parents – January 10, 2022

India Charges Five Over Attacks At Christian School – January 7, 2022

Uganda: Muslim husband murders wife and children for their faith in Christ – January 6, 2022

New report: Over 100 US Christian schools are connected to Planned Parenthood – January 6, 2022

Bible translators plan Scripture versions in 400 sign languages for deaf people around the world – January 5, 2022

Pakistan Sentences Pastor To Death For Blasphemy – January 5, 2022

Nigeria: Fulani burn believer to death, wound four others; “the silence is deafening” – January 5, 2022

Turkey: Churches vandalized as life becomes more difficult for Christians – January 5, 2022

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