Staph Dermatitis

small ‘pimples’ and/or scabs on your goats udder.

Contagious? Yes, can spread to other goats, through teat dips, udder cloths, and dirty hands. Wear gloves when milking and treating infected animals.

This is a staph infection that occurs when an animal is copper deficient. Prevention is best, and can be done by making sure your animal gets sufficient copper.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Copper Sulfate (like you use for your swimming pool)
ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)
Give A&D shot as soon as symptoms occur.
Pop pimples (while wearing gloves) when they come to a head. Give Vitamin C orally as well at this time. Make a wash with a cup of hydrogen peroxide, 2 TBSP copper sulfate, and a cup of ACV. Dilute to half with water. Use as a wash at milking time.
For us, this treatment cleared the infection inside of 24 hours.

Healthy udder

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