Understanding the Times: Are We in the Last Days? (Part 2)


They Are Getting Prepared to Build a Temple, for the Anti-Christ

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 2 Thes. 2:3-4

The first Temple was built by Solomon (1 Kings 6). David prepared for the Temple to be built, and it was in his heart to build. The Father said Solomon was to build it. It was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar in the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC.

Jewish exiles returned to Jerusalem following a decree from Cyrus the Great (Ezra 1:1-4, 2 Chron 36:22-23), construction started at the original site of Solomon’s Temple, which had remained a devastated heap during the approximately 70 years of captivity (Dan. 9:1-2). In 70 AD the Roman’s destroyed Jerusalem and the second temple.

There will be another temple built to fulfill this prophecy. There is a Temple Institute. (Check it out, it is real… we are at the door of our Lord’s Return! Hallelujah! www.templeinstitute.org

The Hebrew language has been revived. (Zeph 3:9)

They are making plans to rebuild the Temple. The animal sacrifices will start again. The articles of the temple have been made. They say they know where the Ark of the Covenant is. They have been looking for a red heifer, which starts the whole thing. They have their own breeding program to find one without blemish. They already have the priesthood. In August 2016 they chose a High Priest.


The PEACE TREATY with the Anti-Christ

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Daniel 9:27

As we saw earlier, the Nations, with America as the leader, are always trying to make a peace treaty with Israel. All these nations will go against Israel, and Yehovah will come back. There will be a peace treaty, by the anti-christ, It will be for a Jewish Bridal Week, 7 years of tribulation, (shavuah in Hebrew, simply means a seven, it means seven days or seven years.) and in the middle of it. They will break this peace treaty with Israel.

Their trust will be in this Anti-Christ. They are moving towards this. The Israeli’s trust in their Iron Dome to deflect their missiles. They trust in their knowledge and their technology (which surpasses the world), they have gay parades, they have been a leader in Hollywood, they have been part of what the world does; instead of rejecting the world and being set apart for God. Just like many people who say they are Believers are not set apart for God, they are the world.


The Antichrist will set himself up as God, In the Temple

The anti-christ will come into the temple and say that he is God.

Matthew 24:15-16 “So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.”

See also Daniel 9:27 and 2 Thes. 2:3-4


He will turn back to Jacob (Israel)

At the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 there were but a handful of Israeli Jews who believed that Yehoshua is the Messiah…The movement experienced substantial growth in the 1990s. By the turn of the millennium, leaders of the movement estimate that there are between 5,000 and 7,000 Messianic Believers scattered in some 80 congregations and house fellowships throughout the land of Israel. These figures include Gentiles either married to Jewish believers or who feel solidarity with the movement. (published by Caspari Center 1999)

There are 287 Messianic organizations operating in Israel according to Kehila News Directory – “a searchable list of congregations, ministries, and businesses related to the Messianic Community in Israel.” (as of Jan. 2022)….There is also a community of over 20,000 Messianic Jews.” The Prophecy is being fulfilled!

When He returns they ALL will be looking upon Him whom they pierced.

And they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, Zechariah 12:10

They will receive Yehoshua as their Messiah. They are the natural branches. The oracles came through the Jews and God gave His utterances to the Jews.

Because that unto them were committed the oracles of God. Romans 3:2

Salvation, comes from the Jews. Yehoshua is a Jewish Messiah.

Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. Jn 4:22

Many will say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Mt. 7:22-23

But He died for us all. We are wild branches that have been grafted in,because they have rejected Him. But we are not to boast against the natural branches because He will turn back to them again. And He is.

And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert grafted in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree; Boast not against the branches. But if thou boast, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee. Thou wilt say then, The branches were broken off, that I might be grafted in. Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear: For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off. And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be grafted in: for God is able to graft them in again. For if thou wert cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and wert grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree: how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree? For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the father’s sakes. For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. For as ye in times past have not believed God, yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief: Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy. For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all. Romans 11:18-32

He will turn back to Jacob.

And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith Yehovah. As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith Yehovah; My spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith Yehovah, from henceforth and forever. Isaiah 59:20-21

The fullness of the Gentiles is coming in.

Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” Is. 46:9-10

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