*Podcast* Exodus Chapter 21, Part 1- Masters and Slaves; Living With Our Means

In part one of chapter 21, we will discuss what the chapter says about masters and slaves, and living within our means.

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How to Grow a Pawpaw Tree

First you want to soak your seeds in warm water for 24 hours.

When planting your seeds, they need to be wet. You can plant them in the ground or in large pots.

Regardless, if you are planting directly in the ground or when you transplant your pots, you will want your trees to be 15-20 feet apart. They also get 15-20 feet tall, so be sure not to plant them underneath power lines.

Protect your seedlings and small trees from animals. You can put small fencing around them.

It may take up to two months for the seedling to emerge from the ground or pot.

In the first two years, the tree will be working on getting strong roots, so it will not grow very tall.

The Pawpaw is in the family of bananas, but can grow in climates that get cold. It is hardy in zones 5-8.

The leaf, twigs, and bark have high anti-pesticidal properties, so most insects and pests do not bother them too much.

When your trees are mature, (5-7 years) they will bloom from March to May. They will be ready for harvest in August through the first frost, and usually turn from green to yellow to brown. They are ready to harvest when they are soft to the touch.

Enjoy your long awaited harvest!

News from this Week-5/25/22

Breaking World News

The following news is taken in whole or part from Worthy News Ministries.

Food Supplies Under Pressure As Ukraine Conflict Spreads

There are growing concerns over the impact the conflict in Ukraine could have on food supplies. Ukraine is a significant grain exporter, but clashes continue.

Hungary In State Of Emergency Over Ukraine War

Hungary’s hardline prime minister said his government had assumed emergency powers Tuesday in response to the war in Ukraine after his allies amended the constitution.

Russian, Chinese Bombers Near Japan and South Korea

Russian and Chinese bombers flew joint patrols near Japanese and South Korean air defense zones on Tuesday in an apparent warning to U.S. President Joe Biden visiting the region.

Latest World News Headlines

UN expert predicts global food crisis may be 10 weeks away – May 23, 2022

Top Russian Diplomat Quits Over War In Ukraine – May 23, 2022

Anthony Albanese Sworn In As Australia’s PM – May 23, 2022

Expert: Monkeypox likely spread by sex at 2 raves in Europe – May 23, 2022

Germany To Deliver Tanks To Ukraine – May 22, 2022

Russia Claims A Victory Amid Concerns About Churches In Ukraine – May 22, 2022

Lebanese Christian leader calls for Hezbollah’s grip on country to end – May 22, 2022

Breaking Israel News

U.S. sanctions Hamas official and financial network, Treasury Dept. says

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on a Hamas finance official and a network of financial facilitators and companies that have generated revenue for the Palestinian militant group, the Treasury Department said.

Netanyahu says case against him ‘dead’ as prosecutors forced to revise indictment

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared the main criminal case against him “dead,” after state prosecutors were forced to alter the charge sheet, Israeli media reported last week.

Latest Israel News Headlines

US Mediating Talks Between Egyptians, Saudis and Israelis – May 23, 2022

Israel’s government coalition crisis reaching an end – May 22, 2022

Knesset Member Resigns Which Could Lead to Early Elections in Israel – May 19, 2022

Israel To Join WHO Rules Despite Controversy – May 19, 2022

Breaking U.S. News

Massive super tornado has hit Texas, residents told to shelter

Texans were told to shelter in place as a massive super tornado hit northern Texas near Morton and was making its way across the state on Tuesday morning, Fox News reports. The tornado has wind gusts up to 70 mph, National Weather Service officials in Lubbock said.

Backlash prompts State Farm to end program donating trans books to schools

Insurance company State Farm is discontinuing its support for the controversial GenderCool Project amid backlash following reports that the company was donating books about transgender issues, targeted at 5-year-olds, to schools.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

Heated ‘Jim Crow’ Rhetoric by Democrats and Media Gets Debunked by Georgia’s Record-Breaking Voter Turnout – May 24, 2022

Teenage Gunman Kills 21 In US School Shooting (Updated) – May 24, 2022

Durham puts FBI investigators on stand to substantiate materiality of alleged Sussmann lie to bureau – May 24, 2022

Appeals Court: Florida Law on Social Media Unconstitutional – May 23, 2022

US: ‘Christian Unvaccinated Cadets Not Commissioned’ – May 23, 2022

‘Major Legal Victory’: VA Judge Rules Gender Identity Books Too Obscene for Minors – May 22, 2022

ICE data shows dramatic drop in deportations under Joe Biden – May 22, 2022

Breaking Christian News

Nigeria: Islamic extremists set fire to Christians homes and businesses in Bauchi

Young Islamic men in Nigeria’s Bauchi state set Christian homes and businesses state on fire Friday as they searched for a Christian woman rumored to have made a blasphemous comment insulting Muhammad, Morning Star News reports. The incident happened days after a mob of Islamic extremists in Soroko state murdered Christian student Deborah Emmanuel, after accusing her of insulting Muhammad in a WhatsApp comment.

China introducing new financial regulations in clampdown on churches

Continuing its clampdown on churches and other minority religious organizations, China’s communist regime is bringing in new regulations for governing the management of revenues, local and foreign donations and expenses of religious organizations, the Barnabas Fund reports.

Latest Christian News Headlines

Southern Baptists Refused to Act on Abuse, Despite Secret List of Pastors – May 23, 2022

Eritrea: Christians continue to worship God despite brutal persecution – May 23, 2022

Nigeria: Islamic State release video showing execution of 20 Christians – May 23, 2022

India: Christians wait for authorities to investigate policeman who burned down church building – May 23, 2022

Nigeria: Armed police stood by as Christian student was murdered – May 23, 2022

Pakistan Pastor Facing Death For “Blasphemy” – May 22, 2022

Nearly half of US pastors find congregants’ political views a challenge – May 19, 2022

Natural Remedies: Toxemia/Twin Lambing Disease in Sheep

Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment


The best prevention is to keep your sheep’s minerals up, especially calcium, so it doesn’t happen in the first place. The cause of the disease is inadequate nutrition during pregnancy, and not enough nutrient and minerals for the ewe and the lambs.


Symptoms include: lack of appetite or going off feed totally, no energy toward the end of pregnancy, sweet smelling breath, muscle twitching, poor muscle control and poor balance, head hangs low/droops, and grinding teeth.

If you start to see a ewe have these symptoms, take action RIGHT AWAY! If you don’t she could lose her lambs and/or die herself.

It is important the help her QUICKLY!


Take her away from the flock, and keep her by herself. Keep her where you can monitor her frequently. You must do the following, even through the night, to save her and the lambs lives.

Give her 8ml of Nutri-Drench ASAP, every 2 hours

Nutri-Drench is something we keep on hand on our ranch, all the time. We give it to any animal that is feeling under the weather and to newborn lambs, kids, and calves.

Also give one teaspoon of Natural Vitality Calm plus Calcium in water, every 2 hours.

Feed free choice (as much as she once available at all times) Kelp and all the good quality hay she will eat with molasses on it. Since this disease is related to low blood sugar, the molasses is important to help keep it up.

You also want to give her free choice grain, until she gets her appetite back.

It is important to also give her Vit B shots, this will stimulate her appetite. Give the amount the instructions on the bottle recommend. We gave it 2-3 times a day, until she started eating again, and then gave it once a day for a until she lambed.


This is what we did for one of our ewes when she had this sickness. We are thankful to God, that she recovered and her and her lambs survived. She had two beautiful ewe lambs.


The next year, we learned, and kept her up on her minerals. She had twins again, but this time with no troubles at all. Praise Yehovah! Remember, if you keep their minerals up, this won’t be a problem.

We set minerals out for them to have free choice. These are the minerals we use. Click on the mineral for a link to where you can find them.

Kelp (depending on how much you have out, they usually have this one empty right away!)

Copper Sulfate (sheep do need copper, and will take what they know they need)

Redmond Livestock salt

Dolomite (make sure the calcium content is higher than the magnesium content),

Yellow dusting sulfur

We also feed Non-GMO alfalfa pellets (high in calcium) with their grain ration (Non-GMO Corn/Wheat) for the last six weeks of pregnancy, to help keep up their calcium levels and prevent blood sugar problems and toxemia.

*Podcast* Exodus Chapter 20, Part 1- The Ten Commandments

In todays chapter, we will begin our look at the Ten Commandments (This Chapter will have a 2nd installment)

‘*for earlier books and chapters, visit our ‘Listen to the Bible’ tab on our website

Listen here:

*Podcast* Exodus Chapter 19- Meeting God

In today’s chapter, we will hear of the preparations the children of Israel make before they meet God, and then their meeting with Him at Sinai.

*for earlier books and chapters, visit our ‘Listen to the Bible’ tab on our website

Listen here:

Link for video on Ron Wyatt’s Sinai discoveries referenced in the above chapter:

News from this Week 5/18/22

The following news is taken in whole or part from Worthy News Ministries.

EU Digital Identity To Impact Christians’

The European Union reportedly tests a digital identity program for its citizens this year that critics fear could lead to the continent’s “Chinafication,” where Christians suffer.

Red Cross registers Mariupol POWs as hundreds more surrender
Hundreds more fighters have emerged from the Mariupol stronghold where they made their last stand and surrendered, Russia said Thursday, and the Red Cross worked to register them as prisoners of war, as the end of a key battle in the conflict drew closer.

CPAC In Hungary Amid Security Concerns

America’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is holding its first-ever meeting in Europe to strengthen global ties despite security concerns surrounding delegates.

Latest World News Headlines

G7 Ministers To Simulate Dangerous Pandemic – May 18, 2022

Russia uses new generation of laser weapons in Ukraine – May 18, 2022

US Embassy Opens in Kyiv Despite Clashes – May 18, 2022

Hungary’s Orban Warns Of Decade Of War And Attacks Against Christians – May 18, 2022

Turkey Says No To Finland, Sweden NATO membership – May 18, 2022

‘Biden Readies Handing U.S. Sovereignty To WHO’ (Worthy News Investigation) – May 17, 2022

Sweden, Finland To Join NATO – May 17, 2022

Breaking Israel News

Israel To Join WHO Rules Despite Controversy

A prominent politician fears Israel will lose its sovereignty if it agrees to adjusted World Health Organization (WHO) rules.

Gantz in Washington to discuss Iran and Russia with Pentagon chief Austin

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz is in Washington to meet US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, amid Israeli-Russian tensions and Iran’s close proximity to producing a nuclear bomb, i24 News reports. The meeting will be held on Thursday and will focus on joint Israeli-US security cooperation.

Latest Israel News Headlines

Israeli military to hold large-scale drill simulating widescale strike on Iran – May 17, 2022

IDF bring down Hezbollah drone over Israel – May 17, 2022

Gantz: Iran “a few weeks away” from producing uranium for a nuclear bomb – May 17, 2022

Russia reportedly fires at Israeli jets – May 17, 2022

Breaking U.S. News

Alarming Number of Teachers Busted for Child Sex Crimes in 2022

At least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested so far this year on child sex-related crimes in the U.S., ranging from child pornography to raping students.

House passes domestic terrorism bill following mass shooting in Buffalo

The House passed a bill late Wednesday that will enhance federal resources to prevent domestic terrorism in response to the racially-motivated mass shooting that killed 10 in Buffalo over the weekend.

Latest U.S. News Headlines

‘Attacked Because of the Uniform’: Violence Against Police Officers Surges as Gun Violence Hits All-Time High – May 19, 2022

Evidence in Sussmann trial points to Clinton campaign’s link to a Trump-Russia collusion theory – May 19, 2022

US pilots have had ’11 near misses’ with UFOs, Pentagon reveals – May 18, 2022

DHS preparing for violence following abortion ruling – May 18, 2022

Kansas town restores ‘In God We Trust’ to police cars after uproar – May 18, 2022

Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz Resigns as Biden’s Ministry of Truth Collapses – May 18, 2022

Democrat witness testifies to Congress that men can get pregnant, have abortions – May 18, 2022

Breaking Christian News

Nearly half of US pastors find congregants’ political views a challenge

A new poll by Lifeway Research has found that almost half of US Protestant pastors find their congregants’ political views and opinions about “nonessentials” a significant challenge in their ministry, Christian Headlines (CH) reports. Congregants’ political views ranked second only to apathy/lack of commitment on pastors’ list of most challenging things to deal with in ministry, the poll found.

Muslim extremists burn church after Islamic leader turns to Christ

Muslim villagers in eastern Uganda destroyed a church building and a pastor’s house after a former Islamic leader and his wife put their faith in Christ earlier this month, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Christianity is legal in Uganda, but believers are coming under increasing attack from Muslim extremists, especially in the eastern part of the country where there are larger concentrations of Islamists.

Latest Christian News Headlines

Poll: Only 43% of pastors hold Biblical worldview on Salvation – May 18, 2022

Southern Baptist Convention membership in sharp decline over last three years – May 16, 2022

Nigeria: Islamic rioters vandalize churches in Sokot – May 16, 2022

US Church Shooting Kills 1, Injures 4 – May 16, 2022

Sudan Christian Couple Faces 100 Lashes, Exile For “Adultery” – May 15, 2022

Hungary “Praised” For Blocking EU Sanctions Against Patriarch – May 15, 2022

Nigeria Muslims Lynch Christian Woman For Blasphemy (Worthy News In-Depth) – May 15, 2022