*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 20- What Does My Father Expect of Me?

Today’s chapter “Covers a lot of ground”. We will talk about working with the right heart; unto God, not to impress someone; Modeling ourselves after Him in what we do. We will also talk about Spiritual Adultery, turning to other God’s in worship, and how saturated we are today in the names of false deities. We will also touch a little on eating clean. For further study on this, see the links below.

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Links for referenced teachings/list:

Clean eating list

Homosexuality Article

*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 19, Part Two- Guard My Laws

In today’s podcast, we will continue our study into Leviticus 19 as it tackles more subjects, including animal breeding, orchard planting and harvesting, and more!

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 14- The Torah of Leprosy; Mold in Homes

In today’s chapter, we will read about the cleansing of lepers, mold in homes, and discuss how Messiah has made the atonement once and for all.

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 13- Leprosy

In today’s podcast, we will discuss the chapter and how it applies to us today. We will discuss Leprosy, it’s similarities to MRSA, and what God’s protocol for the Priests office were relating to it.

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 12- Circumcision, Baptism, and The Seal of Righteousness of the Faith

In today’s chapter, we will discuss the times of uncleanness after childbirth, circumcision, baptism, and the seal of righteousness of the faith.

*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 10- Strange Fire

In today’s chapter, we will read about the ‘Strange Fire’ of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, and how it translates to the Music of today.

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 9- Preparing to Meet Our Maker

In today’s chapter, we discuss the Urim and the Thummim, the ‘girdle’, how the Priest’s prepared to be in God’s presence, and how we should prepare ourselves to meet our Maker.

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 8- Anointing of the Priests

In today’s chapter, we will talk about the anointing oil of the Priests, do a study of the Hebrew words for oil and anointing, and how it all points to the Messiah.

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 7- Old Paths and Caring for our Animals

Today, along with reading the chapter, we will talk about some old paths, like spinning wool and making clothing; properly caring for our animals like God intended, among other things.

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