*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 24- Choices have Consequences

In today’s chapter, we will review the sin of blasphemy, and an example in the chapter. We will also touch on Peace and whether it is a place or within you, the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, the Messiah’s virginity, and more!

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In the above podcast, the Fear of God article was mentioned. It is linked below for reference and easy access:

The Fear of God Article- Pt. 1

The Fear of God Article- Pt. 2

We’re Back! *Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 23- His Appointed Times

We’re back! After a month’s break, we are returning to continue our study through the book of Leviticus.

In today’s chapter, we are talking about the Feasts of Yehovah; his appointed times. We will also touch on what comes out of our mouths; is it pleasing to Him? He says how to do this, and we will touch on the verses about this here.

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 22- “Red, Brown, Yellow, Black & White”

Today as we read through Chapter 22, we will discuss the cleansing of water (washed in water vs. washed in His blood), acceptable offerings, and how wrong racism is: He made us all from ONE blood.

And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.

(Acts 17:26)

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*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 21- Defiling Yourself For the Dead

In today’s chapter, we will discuss what God expects of us concerning dead bodies, and also requirements for the High Priest and his family.

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The below teaching was referenced in the above teaching. If you are interested in knowing more on this subject, you can listen to the summary below or visit our website for a deeper study.

*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 20- What Does My Father Expect of Me?

Today’s chapter “Covers a lot of ground”. We will talk about working with the right heart; unto God, not to impress someone; Modeling ourselves after Him in what we do. We will also talk about Spiritual Adultery, turning to other God’s in worship, and how saturated we are today in the names of false deities. We will also touch a little on eating clean. For further study on this, see the links below.

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Links for referenced teachings/list:

Clean eating list

Homosexuality Article

*Podcast* Leviticus Chapter 19:32-37- Care of the Elderly & Fear of God

In today’s podcast, we will finish up the Chapter we have been studying, and discuss how we treat elderly people, and the Fear of God.

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In todays’ podcast, we touched in the Fear of God.

For further study on this topic, see these links:

Fear of God, Pt. 1

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*Podcast* Leviticus 19:31-Necromancy, Mediums, Spiritists, & Seeking to Know the Future

In today’s podcast, we will address Mediums, like the “Celebrity Medium” who are “tapping into the other side” (necromancy), seeking to know the future through many different ways, and what God’s word says about these practices.

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*Podcast* Prostitution and Profanity-Leviticus Chapter 19, Part Five

In today’s podcast, we will discuss prostitution in pop culture, including Reba’s “Fancy” and Westerns like Bonanza and Bandoleros, as well as raising children and being pure in our lives.

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A past teaching that is also a related topic, has more on how children are raised.

Click here to listen: Train up A Child Summary