Leviticus Chapter 19, Part One- Speak the Truth in Love

Today, we will read and look into the commands in the chapter and how it is a sort of ‘recap’ of the ten commandments. We will also discuss “Who is the poor? And what are the right things for us to do for them?”

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*Podcast* Exodus Chapter 34-The Second Tables of Stone

In today’s chapter, we hear of God’s giving of the second tables of stone, the Ten Commandments, after Moses had broken the first. We will also read and discuss laws about the Sabbath.

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*Podcast* Exodus Chapter 23- Sabbath Laws and God’s Feasts’

In today’s chapter we will discuss the laws about the Sabbath, the feasts of God, seething a kid in it’s mothers milk (and why this does not mean we can’t eat meat and milk together) and more.

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